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10 Best Top Load Washing Machine, Reliable, and Modern 2022 (Update)

Top load washing machines are still a favorite of the people since long ago. Moreover, there is now a new generation of top loading type, which unites the washing tube with the dryer, which makes it more practical and space-saving.

However, you need to pay attention to several things when buying a top load washing machine, such as electric power, capacity, design, additional features that make it easy for you, and most importantly you also have to pay attention to the brand.

For this reason, this article presents some of the best, reliable and modern top-load 1 tube washing machines with prices and reviews. But before that, we will share knowledge about top loading washing machines and how to care.

Get to know the Top Load Washing Machine

In general, there are three types of washing machines, they are 2 tube washing machines, 1 top load washing machine, and 1 front loading washing machine. 2 tube washing machine has 2 tubes that function to wash and 1 more tube to dry.

As for the top load and front loading washing machines, the difference between the two lies in how to put the clothes in the washing machine. If top loading enters it through the top, while front loading through the front of the washing machine.

Both are considered more practical, because they will work automatically from filling water, washing, rinsing, to drying laundry.

One of the reasons people love the top loading washing machines compared to front loading, is because there is no need to bend the body when loading clothes. So when washing clothes will be easier and not easily tired.

In addition, top loading looks more modern, sophisticated, as well as saving water with a higher level of dryness, up to 90%. In addition, the damage to clothing is relatively low when you use a top loading washing machine.

Pay attention to the electric power Washing Machine

Calculating the washing machine's electric power is one of the things you should consider. Do not let the power is too large so that it can affect the burden on your electrical power at home.

As is known, top loading washing machines of various types have different electrical power, depending on the engine, features, capacity, and several other things. But, in general, a washing machine 1 tube top loading uses higher electric power than the other two types of washing machine.

Pay attention to the features and match your needs

Top tube washing machine 1 tube including the type of washing machine that is quite expensive, of course, certainly equipped with features that will make your washing easier and more practical. Here are some features that you must know before buying a top loading tube washing machine:

First, the Magic Dispenser feature. This feature serves to prevent detergents from sticking to clothes because they are not soluble in water. So with Magic Dispenser, your clothes will be much cleaner without leaving spots that can damage your clothes.

Second, the Wobble Pulsator feature. This feature will produce movement in all directions so that your clothes will be spared from one another. So with this feature, you will easily take clothes from the tube without having to unravel the turns between the clothes.

Third, the Magic Filter feature. The purpose of the filter is to filter out the dirt so that it is not mixed again during the washing process. Magic Filter will help the effectiveness of higher filtering so that clothes are cleaner and not mixed with stains.

How to care for washing machines to be more durable

When you have bought a top loading tube washing machine, then what you need to consider is how to maintain it, so that the machine you have can be used for a long time. Here are some ways you can take care of the washing machine.
  • Make sure you wash clothes with an amount in accordance with the capacity of the machine, so that the machine is not heavy at work.
  • avoid washing thick carpet in the washing machine, because it will put pressure on the washing machine motor and cause internal damage.
  • Make sure you unplug the plug on the socket, so that there is no electrical short circuit.
  • Make sure you don't force the timer off, so the system on the machine doesn't break easily.
  • Make sure you maintain engine moisture by cleaning the inside of the tub using a dry cloth or leaving it open, so that your machine is protected from bacteria and fungus.
  • Make sure you clean the engine tube at least once every three months. You can clean the engine by using the features available on the machine.

10 Best Top Load Washing Machine, Reliable, and Modern 2020

10. Samsung WA14N6780CV

Samsung WA14N6780CV
Price: IDR 6,798,000
Washing clothes more easily and efficiently

This Samsung brand washing machine has a large enough capacity, which is 14 kg. This washing machine will help your work to care for clothes more easily and efficiently. Equipped with New Activ Dual larger wash that makes it easy for you to pre-treat clothes that are very dirty.

In addition, the WA14N6780CV is also equipped with a Magic Dispenser feature that is designed with a very strong vortex so that the detergent will dissolve easily, and does not make your clothes become damaged due to the detergent wadding attached. You can buy this top loading washing machine at Blibli.

9. Sharp ES-T86CL-HK


Price: IDR. 3,946,000
Elegant design and efficient use of water

The top load washing machine from Sharp has the advantage of saving water usage by up to 40% making it suitable for those of you who live in urban areas, and the other side also saves the use of detergents.

With the No Damage to Fabric feature, it will make your clothes safer and not easily damaged due to friction with the tube. Then, the Dual Pulsator feature makes the vortex stronger and anti-coil between clothes so it is easier when taking it or lifting it. In addition, it also contains Ag + ions which can prevent the machine from mold that can cause odor on clothes.

8. Aqua AQW 88DD


Price: IDR 2,000,000

Effective for soft and soft clothes

To keep your hijab clean and safe when washing, you can buy Aqua AQW 88DD. Because this washing machine is equipped with Hijab Mode which will make your hijab protected from damage when put into the washing machine. Apart from that, it can also be used for your clothes that are soft and smooth textured.

This washing machine is also equipped with Air Intake Technology which is effective to help speed up the drying process. And, what's interesting is that this washing machine has a 5-year guarantee.

7. LG 2175VS2M

7. LG 2175VS2M


Price: IDR. 3,099,000

Modern, sophisticated and quality design

The next brand of washing machine that you can consider when you want to buy the best top loading washing machine is the LG 2175VS2M. This washing machine has a Transparent Glass Door design that makes it easy for you when you want to see it.

In addition, the Digital Display in this product makes your washing easier, more practical and efficient.

6. Polytron Zeromatic Maya Series PAW 85511WS

Polytron Zeromatic Maya Series PAW 85511WS

Price: IDR 2,308,000

Environmentally friendly and able to wash despite small water pressure

Now it will not be a problem anymore for those of you who have small water pressure at home, because Zeromatic Maya is equipped with Zeropressure technology that is able to wash your clothes even with a small water pressure.
This washing machine has a smart feature that is able to automatically adjust the capacity of your laundry load to the level of water requirements, making your washing easier and more efficient.

In addition, the Centrifugal Softening System on this product will make the release of detergent with softener not mixed, so that the rinsing process will be more optimal.

5. Panasonic NA-F115X1LSG

Panasonic NA-F115X1LSG

Price: IDR 5,550,000

Washing every day is easier

NA-F115X1LSG washing machine is perfect for those of you who diligently wash every day, because it has an Active Foam system that is effectively used to lift, separate, and remove impurities from the fiber.

The elegant and modern model will make you more excited when washing in large quantities. The low height and wide opening of the tube make it easier for you to insert or remove clothing from the tube.

4. Panasonic NA-F135A4HSG

Panasonic NA-F135A4HSG

Price: IDR 6,798,000

Bigger and more sophisticated capacity

Panasonic NA-F135A4HSG is suitable for you who want a top loading washing machine that can load more items than the previous product. This washing machine is also equipped with Easy Wide Opening which makes it easy for you to wash at home.

This washing machine is also suitable for you who want to open a laoundry business at home. Washing will be faster and easier, and your business will be smoother.

3. Electrolux EWT125WD

Electrolux EWT125WD

Price: IDR 5,988,000

More sophisticated, elegant models and quality

The designs, models and colors of this product are made in detail and can make your home feel more elegant and wow. The capacity of the washing machine is quite large the more your washing activities easier.

Other facilities you can also get through various features, such as electronic control, LED Display, Door Opening Handle, Countdown Indicator, and others..

2. Hitachi Sf80Xb

Price: IDR 4,320,000

Effective removing dirt without damaging the fabric

This washing machine is equipped with features that make it easy for you to do your daily washing at home. Like the Fully Auto Start feature that makes washing process more practical and automatic.

In addition, there are also other advanced features, such as Beat Shower, Active Beat Filter, and Variable Spin control. And, don't forget the Safety Door Lock which maintains security during the washing process. You can buy this washing machine at Shopee.

1. Midea MAE70-1101TD

Midea MAE70-1101TD

Price: IDR 1,800,000

Prices are more affordable, more efficient, and cleaner
Midea always offers the highest quality products that can simplify every activity or activities in your home. Like Midea MAE70-1101TD which can help your washing more easily and practically.


  • Before buying a washing machine 1 tube top loading, you must pay attention to the electric power, capacity, brand, price, and additional features that make it easier when you wash as needed.
  • You also have to pay attention to how to maintain engine performance is maintained, and you can use it for a long time.
  • You can choose a washing machine from Panasonic NA-F135A4HSG, because of its greater capacity with an Active Foam system that is effectively used to lift, separate, and remove impurities from the fiber.
  • But if you want to buy a washing machine with a smaller capacity, sophisticated, and a more affordable price, you can choose the washing machine Midea MAE70-1101TD.
  • Meanwhile, if you want the best washing machine with large and reliable capacity, then you can choose the Samsung WA14N6780CV washing machine

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