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10 Best Front Loading Washing Machine Recommendations (Newest 2020)

Washing machines are electronic devices that are used daily. One type is a practical front loading washing machine. The variety of features and technologies that are present in the washing machine, maybe even make you confused choosing the right one.

This time, we will recommend selected products, such as Panasonic, LG, and so on. However, before that, consider first how to choose it. Don't miss the recommendation to find your ideal front loading washing machine!

10. MODENA(Washing Machine & Dryer Tiziano WF 830)

Energy saving, with honey drum that maintains fabric texture.

For those of you who want a clean family outfit, choose this washing machine! The honey drum design on the inside minimizes the possibility of fabric sticking to the wall of the washing tube.
In addition, the SmartEnergy technology embedded in this product can save energy usage by up to 40%. You can also be relieved to use it every day without worrying about swollen electricity bills and damaged fabric texture.
IDR. 8.250.000,00
Washing capacity / drying capacity: 8.5 kg / Not mentioned
Washing machine size (width x depth x height): 595 x 555 x 850 mm
Other features: Inverter Ecowash, Child Lock, Rinse + Spin, Speed Selection, Temperature Selection, Quick Wash, Time Delay, Prewash, Start / Pause Button

9. SHARP (Front Loading Boomerang Series ES-FL862)

A smart washing machine that can detect the quantity of your laundry

This washing machine can be the right choice if you don't like piling dirty laundry. With the EcoLogic System feature, electricity consumption will be reduced by 50% if the quantity of your laundry is half of the total capacity. Likewise with water consumption which becomes less and the duration of washing that becomes shorter.

Washing frequently becomes more energy, water and time saving. Then, the Easy Ironing feature can reduce the creasing of the laundry making the ironing process easier. You can also save energy! 

IDR 3.150.000,00

Washing capacity / drying capacity: 6 kg / Not specified
Washing machine size (width x depth x height): 597 x 497 x 845 mm
Other features: Boomerang Cabinet Design, Quick Wash Technology, LED Control Panel, Child Lock

8. LG (F8007NMCW Front Loading Washing Machine)

Technology that is suitable for the protection and comfort of your child

If you live with a very active child, this product can be an option. This washing machine can be relied on to wash clothes, especially clothes that are stained. Equipped with an internal heater, this product is able to automatically raise the temperature of the water for cleaner and hygienic laundry results.

Not just a matter of washing performance, this washing machine is also equipped with a low noise speed control system. This system can reduce the playback sound level so that the washing machine works more quietly. Washing when the child is sleeping is not a problem!

F8007NMCW Front Loading Washing Machine
IDR 3.250.000,00
Washing capacity / drying capacity: 7 kg / Not specified
Washing machine size (width x depth x height): 600 x 440 x 850 mm
Other features: Direct Drive Inverter, Smart Diagnosis ™, Auto Restart Power, Embossing Drum & Waved Lifter, Child Lock 

7. Electrolux (UltraEco ™ EWF8005EQWA Washing Machine)

No need to hesitate washing your hijab and batik clothes every day

Nowadays, batik and hijab have become clothes that are often used for various activities. Even so, these two types of clothing must be washed carefully so that the color and texture of the fabric lasts long. For those of you who daily wear a lot of these two types of clothing, the following products can be tried.

Equipped with the Hijab and Batik Program, this product promises to be able to wash hijab and batik clothes more gently. Technology in particular will remove stains will maintain the brilliant color of the fabric for longer. Wearing batik or hijab every day? Why not!

Electrolux UltraEco ™ EWF8005EQWA Washing Machine
IDR. 3.984.750,00
Washing capacity / drying capacity: 8 kg / Not specified
Washing machine size (width x depth x height): 600 x 568 x 850 mm
Other features: UltraEco, Add Clothes, 3XL door, Child Lock, Favorite Program Storage

6. Samsung Front Load Washer-Dryer WD10K6410OX / TC

Complete with technology that can maintain the freshness of your laundry

For those of you who are super busy, this washing machine can be an option. The Quick Wash feature can clean clothes faster and more efficiently. The existence of Air Wash technology that is complete with Deodorization and Sanitization also increasingly supports these features. The laundry can be cleaned with hot air so that freshness is maintained better.

Diamond-like inner design prevents laundry from being trapped and protects fabric fibers. The result, the laundry can finish with a smooth texture. Not having much time now is not a reason not to wash yourself at home!

Samsung Front Load Washer-Dryer WD10K6410OX  TC
IDR 10,995,000.00
Washing capacity / drying capacity: 10.5 kg / 6 kg
Washing machine size (width x depth x height): 675 x 756 x 890 mm
Other features: Inverter, Child Lock, Eco Bubble, Intensive Stain Removal

5. PanasonicWasher Dryer NA-D106X1

Softer fabric texture is maintained with the latest drying system
If you often have complaints about the texture of the clothes after drying, this product will overcome them. With the latest New ECO Drying System drying system, this product produces a finer and softer finish. The technology also reduces shrinkage in fabrics that are prone to shrinkage, such as socks.

In addition, the dryer works with strong air flow drying technology and low temperature so that the laundry is easier to iron. Apart from exceptional dryers, this product is also supported by a variety of other effective washing technologies. Cleaner washing, post-drying problems disappear!

PanasonicWasher Dryer NA-D106X1

IDR 15,850,000.00
Washing capacity / drying capacity: 10 kg / 6 kg
Washing machine size (width x depth x height): 665 x 600 x 998 mm
Other features: Econavi Inverter, Automatic Tube Cleaning, Child Lock, ActiveFoam System, HydroActive +, Dancing Wash System, 3D Sensor Wash 

4. Electrolux Machine Wash UltimateCare ™ EWF14113

Energy-efficient washing machine that can maintain the quality of the laundry optimally!

Do you have a laundry business and need a quality guarantee for your customer's laundry? If so, choose this complete package washing machine. In addition to its large capacity, its UltraMix technology takes care of the color of the laundry so it doesn't fade quickly. After washing, Vapor Care will act to reduce tangles and potential allergies due to the remnants of detergent

You also do not need to worry about shrinkage in clothing made from wool because this product has passed the test and has received a Woolmark Apparel Care certificate. Then, this washing machine works quietly so you don't need to worry about your laundry business disturbing the surrounding environment.

Electrolux Machine Wash UltimateCare ™ EWF14113

IDR 8,221,850.00Washing capacity / drying capacity 11 kg / Not stated
Washing machine size (width x depth x height) 600 x 669 x 850 mm
Other features EcoInverter, XXL Door, Load Sensor ™

3. Daewoo Washer Dryer Front Loader DWC-P1456

Practically without peanut must measure and pour detergent each time washing

Besides the jumbo capacity, this washing machine is equipped with a detergent dispenser. This dispenser can precisely regulate the use of detergent. So, you do not need to pee to measure detergent every time you want to wash.

Who says a large capacity makes the washing process even longer? Air Bubble 4D on this product produces millions of air bubbles which will help water dissolve detergent. Detergent is easier to infiltrate into the fabric fibers, the dirt will quickly fall out. The right choice for housewives who are always busy caring for their extended family.

DaewooWasher Dryer Front Loader DWC-P1456

Washing capacity / drying capacity: 18 kg / Not mentioned
Washing machine size (width x depth x height): 630 x 767 x 986 mm
Other features: Direct Drive Motor, 3 Way Clean Jet Shower, Star Drum, Noise Vibration Control, Clean Drum, Child Lock

2. Bosch Front Opening Washing Machine WAP28480ID

Allergen-free washing results, safe also for those of you who are sensitive skin!

For those of you who really prioritize the hygiene of washing clothes, this product is the right choice. This washing machine is planted with AllergyPlus technology that has been certified by the ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation). This technology was developed specifically for people with allergies making it suitable for sensitive skin.

This product is also equipped with VarioDrum ™ technology for efficient, cleaner and dirt-free laundry. Because washing results are allergen-free and more hygienic, this washing machine is also ideal for those of you who have sensitive skin or need to wash baby clothes every day.

Bosch Front Opening Washing Machine WAP28480ID

IDR 8,191,200.00
Washing capacity / drying capacity: 9 kg / Not mentioned
Washing machine size (width x depth x height): 600 x 590 x 850 mm
Other features: EcoSilence Drive ™, VarioPerfect ™, Child Lock

1. Hitachi Front Loading Washing Machine BD-W90XWV

The washing tube is clean without detergent scale, the performance and durability of the washing machine is even more optimal

Detergent which becomes a cleaning agent when washing, can actually damage the performance of your washing machine when it scrunches on the washing tube. Setting aside a special time to clean it is quite troublesome. If you want a washing machine that is practical, but the optimal performance, this product can be an option.

Equipped with the Auto Self Clean feature, this product will automatically clean its own washing tube every time you wash clothes. You also do not need to worry when washing clothes that are full of stains. The Tub Clean Program will ensure that the washing tubes are kept clean so that washing performance can be optimized.

Hitachi Front Loading Washing Machine BD-W90XWV
IDR 8,536,500.00Washing capacity / drying capacity: 9 kg / Not mentioned
Washing machine size (width x depth x height): 606 x 603 x 823 mm
Other features: Smart Drive Inverter, Anti-Vibration Sidewalls, Child Lock, Allergy UK Approval, Woolmark Apparel Care

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