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7 Problems and How to Repair a Broken Washing Machine

Washing machines are very helpful for human work, but problems that often occur in washing machines often make us annoyed. There needs to be a way to repair the washing machine to handle it.

The use of washing machines may not be released by urban communities. Nowadays, almost every house in big cities has a washing machine as a tool for washing clothes.

The use of washing machines that are simpler, faster, and also easily suspected to be the reason why people like to use washing machines.

However, although it greatly facilitates human daily life, but this one electronic item often experiences a number of recurring problems.

The problem does not only interfere with washing activities, you know. In fact, if left unchecked the damage to the washing machine can be permanent.

7 Problems and How to Repair a Broken Washing Machine

So, what is the problem and how to repair a broken washing machine? More below.

1. Very Noisy Washing Machine Sound

Some types of washing machines may make a noise when being operated. However, if the noise released by the washing machine is too noisy, unusual, and occurs for a long time.

So, you should be suspicious if the washing machine is experiencing a number of problems. The obstacle that often makes the sound of the washing machine so noisy is the presence of foreign matter which is related to the engine.

Therefore, the way to repair a washing machine that emits noise is to dismantle the engine unit and look for foreign objects, such as coins or hair clips that are often left inside.

2. Cannot Fill Water

You think the machine works as usual because it starts when it starts. After checking a few minutes later, you realize that the machine does not fill water into the unit.

Ever experienced a problem like that? Yes, that is certainly very annoying. How to repair a washing machine that cannot fill water is to check the hose.

Because, this can happen because the hose is bent or circular. In addition, also check the feasibility of the hose and filter ends. Blockage in the hose filter can damage the valve, you know.

3. Water in the Unit Won't Be Wasted

Not only cannot water be filled, the problem that often strikes the washing machine is that the water in the unit cannot be discharged again.

Yes, the process of entry and exit of water in the washing machine is done automatically. You do not need to bother inserting or removing the water during the washing process.

However, what if this process does not work as it should? So, the way to fix a washing machine that can't be drained of water is to check the cavity of the hose and clean it.

4. Washing Machine Does Not Rotate

Almost all washing machine users may have experienced this problem. Yes, washing machines that do not spin are common problems that often occur with these electronic items.

This is caused by the lack of attraction that the washing machine receives or the amount of clothing you put into the machine exceeds its capacity, so the washing machine has to work extra.

How to fix a washing machine that is not spinning is to reduce the number of clothes. In addition, you can also try to unplug the power cord and move it to another switch.

5. Water Exits the Washing Unit

The water coming out of the washing machine unit alias is leaking is a very annoying problem if it occurs. Because, this leak is often not realized by us, suddenly the washing room floor has been flooded with water.

Well, this problem occurs due to damage to the hose and the washing machine door seal is loose. Therefore, the way to repair a leaking washing machine is to replace the hose and door seal.

In addition, another way you can do is to pour half a cup of white vinegar in the washing water. vinegar itself can reduce the overflow of foam residues that often make the washing machine leak.

6. The laundry becomes musty smell

Even though it has been washed with a washing machine, but the clothes actually emit a musty smell. Have you experienced problems like this? Yes, this problem is indeed common for washing machine users.

Because the machine used as a container to accommodate dirty clothes eventually becomes a den of bacteria and dirt. Bacteria and dirt is what causes clothes to become musty odor.

Therefore, how to repair a washing machine that emits musty odor is to clean the washing machine regularly and periodically. In order, bacteria and dirt that stick to it die.

7. Screens and Buttons on Washing Machines Not Working

The last problem that often afflicts washing machine users is the shutdown of the screen feature of the washing machine work cycle, along with the buttons.

This is indeed quite annoying, because if the screen on the washing machine dies, we can not know when to put the clothes softener, and others.

If so, the way to fix a washing machine whose screen and buttons don't work is to do a service and call a professional to finish it.

Because the damage does not occur in the machine, but in the washing machine software.

That was a few ways to repair a washing machine that is important for you to know. Hopefully this article is useful for us all.

Good luck!

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