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10 Best Washing Machine Recommendations, Anyone Can Wash by Smartphone!

Utility of the washing machine in addition to cleaning dirty clothes, you no longer need to bother washing using a roller board. But you should consider a few of these things before intending to buy a washing machine.

Knowing the capacity of the washing machine you want to buy

This is a common mistake when buying a washing machine. Make sure the washing machine capacity first! Considering the stock of clothes does not only apply to yourself, but also concerns the people around. If so, then you should buy a washing machine with a large capacity!

Top Load or Front Load?

If faced with a situation like this, it must be very difficult right? The two choices above are indeed washing machine criteria that are very often to be found. However, there are two very basic differences. Top load generally has a capacity that tends to be large and the price is cheap. Not only that, most top loads have several other features such as steam, instant dryer, and so on.

As for the front load, this machine has a small capacity but is able to clean without any remaining spots and lock down the laundry water so that it does not spill easily. Now, the choice is yours! Do you want to be a top load or front load team?

Required features

Choose a washing machine that can adjust the needs of your life, do not look for washing machines with features that play a less role in your daily life! One of the new unique features is the connection of the washing machine with a smartphone so that users can activate it easily. Well, specifically this feature, you can check at number six in the article below!

Today, there are more washing machines and are equipped with sophisticated features. Not just washing clothes thoroughly, you will not feel tired thanks to its practicality. Well, in this article, there are recommendations for the best washing machines that are very good and convenient to use. Here's the complete list.


One of the best washing machine brands has a large pulsator so that it can clean clothes with great water strength, making germs in faded clothes and clean from stains and able to wash the most delicate fabrics. In addition, in terms of price, this washing machine is arguably quite economical and the electrical efficiency is eco-friendly.
  •      Capacity of 7.5 kg
  •      Price: IDR 1,375,000
  •      Main Features:
  •      Big Pulsator
  •      Soak Function
  •      Anti Rust
  •      380W Electric Power
  •      White color
  •      Product Warranty: 1 Year
review SANYO AQUA QW 880XT

2. Mini Denpoo 3 kg DW-3

If you want to avoid waste, this washing machine is here to overcome it. This washing machine is fairly small so that it can be placed anywhere. Not only efficient in place, this washing machine is at the same time cost-effective in using electricity. In addition, the washing machine is made of strong plastic that is not easily broken during washing and does not rust easily.
review Mini Denpoo 3 kg DW-3
  •      Price: IDR 699,000
  •      Mini-sized portable
  •      Electric power is 120W / 220V

3. Sanken TW-7730 Twin Tub

Sometimes people are often overwhelmed when they have washed their clothes and then dried them manually. Well, this washing machine from Sanken will make it easier for you. The advantage of this brand is to use two tubes, including a washing tube equipped with the X-Tor feature and a dryer with the Super Spin Dry feature.

Keep in mind, the best washing machine series is also able to accommodate about 7kg of clothes, meaning that the capacity of this washing machine is large. The next feature is the Silver ION Filter, which functions to wash and eliminate bacteria thoroughly and also Anti-Rat, to avoid rat bites.
Sanken TW-7730 Twin Tub washing machine
  •  Price: IDR 1,100,000
  • X-Tor Technology
  • Silver ION Filter System
  • 7kg capacity

4. Samsung WT85H3210MG / SE

The thing that is often complained of by residents when washing clothes is the drying process. Surely it takes a lot of time, right? This South Korean product shows the superior features of the Air Turbo Drying System, which is a fast drying tube for clothes dryers.

To make the washing process faster, you can open the lid to reach the most difficult areas such as the collar of the shirt by hand.
Samsung WT85H3210MG  SE
  • Price: IDR 2,100,000
  • Air Turbo Drying System
  • The cover can be opened during washing

5. Modena WF-652

You could say this is the most practical washing machine. Although only equipped with one tube, but it is able to function to deal with washing and drying at the same time. If you forget one garment when washing, you can press the Start / Pause button and put the clothes left behind in the washing machine.
  • Price: IDR 3,500,000
  • 6 kg capacity
  • 8 Washing and Drying Modes
  • Temperature and foot height settings
  • Pause button available

6. LG FC1207N5W

The best washing machine series from LG uses the washing feature of the Poweful Washing Program which consists of six features, including Stepping, Filtration, Strubbing, Tumble, Rolling, and Swing. With these features, it is expected to treat the quality of the material without damage to clothing.

Not only that, you can activate this washing machine using a smartphone with the smart feature Smart ThinQ, which can control remotely! Sophisticated, right?
  • Price: IDR 2,500,000
  • 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology
  • Smart ThinQ Technology for Smartphones
  • Direct Drive Motor Technology to reduce sound
  • 220 Watt Electric Power


This feature has the advantage called Electrolux Steam. The presence of this feature is an attempt to prevent viruses in clothing and purify a garment to be clean from 99.99% allergens. Keep in mind, allergens are substances that are indicated to trigger allergies in the human body.

Steam in the washing machine is issued a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius during the process of reducing allergens. To optimize the washing, there is a Shower Spray feature that is able to clean the remaining stains in clothes!


  • Price: IDR 5,500,000
  • Steam Electrolux Features
  • Shower Spray and Time Manager Features
  • 8kg capacity
  • 230 Watt Electric Power 

8. Panasonic NA-128VK5

Jika Anda tertarik untuk membuka bisnis laundry, merk mesin cuci terbaik ini paling sering disebutkan. Dilengkapi dengan front load yang praktis sehingga memudahkan proses pemasukan stok baju, serta memiliki pulsasi yang stabil saat mencuci dan menghasilkan pakaian paling bersih tanpa adanya sobek!

Panasonic NA-128VK5

  • Kapasitas 8Kg
  • Harga : IDR4.600.000
  • Berat 75kg
  • Teknologi ActiveFoam System

9. Polytron PWM 7567 Twin Tub Washer

Mesin cuci produk Polytron ini mempunyai 2 tabung mesin cuci dilengkapi dengan pulsasi yang stabil. Dari pulsasi tersebut menghasilkan putaran air yang kuat dan mampu melunturkan noda bekas pada pakaian. Tidak hanya itu, daya listrik yang dikeluarkan hanya 210 Watt saja, tentunya sangat hemat biaya listrik!
  • Dilengkapi dua tabung
  • Warna Putih/Maroon
  • Harga : Rp 1.267.000
  • Daya listrik 210 Watt
  • Kapasitas 7.5kg
  • Berat 19kg

10. Sharp ES-M805P

The most common obstacle is when you put in a lot of clothes at the same time but the clothes fall because the tube capacity is not large enough. Well, Sharp's product offers the best washing machine series with large tubes so that it can put as many piles of clothes on it!
  •  Price: IDR 2,550,000
  •  8kg capacity
  •  320 Watt Electric Power
  •  Serves to wash and dry

Conclusion Washing Machine Recommendations

Of the various types of washing machines above, these items are not only sophisticated but can also help your lifestyle become more practical. The above recommendations are often used by apartment dwellers because of their efficient location and cost.
Generally, they buy a washing machine before their apartment is renovated. These non-furnished criteria apartments are often sold on the intermediary website for apartment rentals, Jendela360. Why did they choose that? Because besides having complete information, this site also provides cheap apartment prices!

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