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How to fix a washing machine dryer

How to repair a washing machine dryer certainly can not be careless, because the type of damage and the solution differs depending on the type of washing machine is the washing machine 1 tube or 2 tubes, because of the way it works and the mechanism is different

In this article we will discuss the different ways of repairing it, but the difference is based on the type of washing machine, whether automatic or manual. So how to repair a Sharp or Polytron washing machine dryer will be the same as the steps.

1. How to Fix a Washing Machine Dryer 2 Tubes

Checking and repairing the dryer on a 2-tube / manual washing machine is generally easier because it does not involve an electronic pcb module, so that all you have to do is simply trace the switches and sensors including the timer. Here are some things that need to be done checking on the washing machine:

a. Washing Machine Cable Disconnected.

The problem that almost occurs in all washing machines is the introduction of rodents, ie mice who like to bite the installation cable in the washing machine until it breaks. The size of a small mouse is indeed possible to enter the electrical washing machine.

If you have at least a little electrical expertise, you can also try to repair the washing machine yourself by opening the top lid of the washing machine.

If there is a broken cable due to a mouse bite, then you can try to reconnect the broken cable cable, but also note that the cable connected must be the right one, fortunately almost all of the existing cables have different colors making it easier to track

b. Washing Machine Dryer Brake Strap Disconnected.

The first way to overcome this obstacle is to pull the brake strap of the dryer. Pull on the brake sling wire section so that it makes it open. If it's open, try rotating it by hand. If it can rotate smoothly, then the dryer can be used again.

Damage that can occur in this section is the brake lines that may break so that the brake lining conditions on the driving dynamo so that the drying motor cannot rotate. To try this braking mechanism you can try pulling on this brake line and notice which parts are moving.

The function of this brake strap dryer is for safety so that when the top opening door is opened the brake lining is in the braking position

c. Washing Machine Capacitors Are Broken.

In every washing machine there must be a capacitor that serves to assist the initial spin of the washing machine dynamo, while adding power to the dynamo. With the age of washing machine usage, there must be a decrease in capacitor capacity, which in turn results in the motor dynamo not being able to turn.

Quite difficult to detect damage to the capacitor if seen just physically, so it must be used as a measuring instrument.

But if there is a physical damage characteristic of a capacitor such as bulging, you can be sure that the capacitor must be replaced and of course make sure you replace it with the same value capacitor.

d. Change the Drying Timer.

If the washing machine has a lap-type timer located on the top, then we can be sure the washing machine is a manual type or 2 tubes. Damage to the timer is also quite common because the gear or spring on the timer can be worn out or it could be because the contact terminals are already corroded, so that it blocks the flow of electric current.

If the brake line and capacitor are not a problem then this timer component is next recommended for checking. If there is damage, try to replace the timer with a timer that suits the brand of washing machine you are using, if necessary, take it as an example at the time of purchase to make sure the knob is also suitable

e. Damage to the Door Switch.

The door switch section is actually a safety so that the motor spin / dryer only works after the top lid of the dryer has been closed because of course a fast spin can cause clothes to be thrown out especially if the clothes are not arranged properly when put into the washing machine dryer tube

Damage to the door switch that often occurs is that the contact terminals are corroded, causing an electric current to not flow. The easy solution is just to clean with anti-rust and sand the terminal as much as possible. If the corrosion is too severe it should be replaced

f. Check the Spin Mover.

Because this part is the most expensive part in the washing machine, it is better if it is confirmed in advance in the section mentioned above that there are no problems. In the 2-tube washing machine, the motor dynamo motor consists of 2 namely for the function of washing and drying, the position of the motor is also easily recognized because of its position just below the tube of each function.

In this motor, there are usually two windings that have their respective cables. Spull or winding is what functions to move the motor. Measure the coil using the Ohm meter on the x10 Ohm range. If the coil is connected, the measurement results will be normal. If not, then that means one of the connections was lost. To overcome this, the dynamo must be replaced. It could be with a solution to replace the roll but you have to be observant because most are replaced with aluminum wire which causes no durability.

How to Fix a Automatic Washing Machine Dryer 1 tube

Damage to the automatic washer dryer is actually not far away with 2 tubes as described above but the checking process can be more complicated because of the board / pcb module as the washing machine brain. Here are a few things you can check:

a. Drain Motor Damage.

The function of the motor drain in the automatic washing machine is like a button / manual rotation to dispose of water in the rinse process. How the motor drain works on the washing machine is when the washing process is complete there will be a rinse process.

In this process water is discharged using a drain motor that pulls the drain valve. If the motor drain is damaged then water cannot be discharged which causes the spin / dry process cannot be done by an automatic module

b. Washing Machine Module Damage.

Damage to the automatic washing machine is usually more complicated because of the existence of this PCB module, here are some steps that can be done to check and repair the damage:

Replacing with a new module (ORI), is the most practical and fast way but the price is very expensive Replacing with a universal module is usually the washing machine board from China but the risk is there is the position of the button and the indicator light to be inappropriate and disrupt the washing machine's appearance. In addition, the button is not really tightly closed so it is prone to exposure to water which can cause

Changing the washing machine to a manual / timer button like a 2 tube washing machine is also not recommended because the use of washing machines tends to be more complicated.

Repairing the washing machine module, this option can be the most reasonable choice but unfortunately it is not easy to repair the washing machine module. Of course there are also washing machine module service specialists who usually advertise on online web pages with varying prices.

As additional information, the dryer on the washing machine does not work not only because of damage to the engine components as described above. There are also external influences that can cause the washing machine dryer to not work. This factor is because you usually place the washing machine on the floor with an uneven surface.

This uneven floor surface will cause the sensor to cause the washing machine to not work. This is what then makes the washing machine dryer does not work and die. The indication is that washing machines usually can only be used for washing, but not for drying. The fix, make sure the floor where you put the washing machine really. Well, that was an explanation of how to fix a washing machine dryer that didn't work.

Hope it can be useful for you

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