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10 Ways to Install Your Own Double Switch at Home

Many of us don't understand the actual function of the switch. Not understanding the switch function can result in lack of knowledge in your home switch installation procedure. Though the switch is an important electronic component in the part of your house. Not only regulating the life and death of the lights, the switch can also be used for other electrical circuits such as water pumping machines etc., and it can be made single or in series with other needs of your home such as the function of a double switch.

Before we discuss more about the dual switch, it's good if you know in advance what the switch is and its function. The switch itself is an electronic component or an electrical device that acts as a liaison and disconnects the circuit and converts it to a load or not.

If the switch is properly functioned, then the use of electrical power at home or other buildings will be more efficient. Switches we know more often as electronic components to turn off and turn on lights at home. The switch itself is divided into various types, single, double, or lined up. Here I will discuss what is a single switch. The Double Switch is usually used to regulate 1/2 lamp, which works only by connecting and disconnecting electricity from the PLN or diesel engine.

A double switch or some call it a "switch series" including a type of electric switch that is useful for controlling two lights. Like when we want to adjust the lights that are on the inside and outside of the house, you just need to make a switch inside the house and just set it on this switch.

We often see some people who are tasked with installing this switch just doing the work carelessly. Actually for the installation of the switch need to pay attention to the installation with the correct procedure, because if not this will result in invulnerability due to electrical discharge.

Therefore, be aware of this, you can do the installation by submitting this work to the experts, to be in accordance with the installation standards in Indonesia. But don't get me wrong, you can also install it yourself at home because this is not difficult. Here's how to install the dual switch yourself at home!

Tools and materials Install Double Switch:

To install a double switch on your own at home, of course you need some material for the double switch itself. Also need to pay attention to the completeness of the equipment that you will use to install the switch and not carelessly use a home appliance such as a kitchen knife, dumplings, cutter etc. Because it is not in accordance with the existing installation procedures and can make damage in the installation of the switch.
  1. The switch that will be installed, for this we will use a double switch.
  2. NYM cable (Copper Wire) measuring 1.5 tau 2.5 mm.
  3. Lamp fittings
  4. Switch box
  5. Installation pipe (serves as a cable protector)
  6. Pipe clamp
  7. Screwdriver
  8. Tespen
  9. combination pliers
  10. Duct tape

Double Switch Installation Steps

To install the dual switch yourself at home, you must first complete all the components and tools needed. If everything is ready, you can start installing the double switch yourself at home and follow the following methods.

A double switch or some call it a "switch series" including a type of electric switch that is useful for controlling two lights. Like when we want to adjust the lights that are on the inside and outside of the house, you just need to make a switch inside the house and just set it on this switch.

  1. Make a point on the wall as a reference for the installation of a light switch, if you have already broken the point. If possible you can make a hole as big as a switch box with a minimum height of 1.5 meters.
  2. Enter 3 pieces of cable that will be connected to the switch and the lamp.
  3. For the form of the circuit, you can pay attention to the following picture and equate the circuit you made with the illustration.
  4. In this figure, the cable connected to the switch is the main fuse kabek, while the other cable is connected to the lamp fittings, such as a black cable (ground). So the current that is disconnected is the current that occurs when the switch is on, this is so that the lamp does not flicker when turned off. Because if the fuse line is deactivated it will usually cause the lights to turn on next door.
  5. You can do the stages of connecting the lights neatly and there is no cable that pushes to avoid counseling.
  6. After the installation / connection process is complete, you can just arrange the existing cable to make it look neat and not messy.
  7. If at the initial stage you were drilling or punching holes in a wall, you could close it again with cement and sand. This is so that no animal tries to enter the hole you make. Especially if insects or rodents make a nest in the hole and have a fatal damage to your switch components.
  8. If you do not drill or punch a hole in the wall you can try the double switch directly that you have assembled yourself.
  9. Then your Double Switch is ready to use and try!
  10. Good luck and good luck.

Well, how? Is it easy to install your own light switch at home? Yep, hopefully the tutorial can help with your work. Because installing a double switch is not difficult, you only need to understand the circuit. You can do it yourself at home so you know for sure that your home light switch is neatly installed according to the installation procedure in Indonesia.

Because basically we need to be careful in installing each lisriik component, because it deals directly with the current of PLN. Besides that, neatness in installation can also be ensured because you installed it. Because neatness in installing a switch is the main thing because a bad electrical installation can be fatal later! Good luck at home!

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