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Here's How to Install the Right Home Electrical Installation

In the house, of course electricity is needed. This is not separated from basic needs such as lighting at night. On the other hand, electric current is also needed to turn on electronic devices whose types are increasing according to the times with how to save electricity. Of course the electricity needs to be prepared by making an electrical installation first.

Installation of electrical installations has also been done by people who are experts in their fields. But it does not rule out the possibility that we cannot install it, especially if we do have an installation basis. If you can easily install the installation yourself, of course you can also how to make Wind Power with your own homemade without using electric current as usual.

Installation of electrical installations has also been done by people who are experts in their fields. But it does not rule out the possibility that we cannot install it, especially if we do have an installation basis. If you can easily install the installation yourself, of course you can also how to make Wind Power with your own homemade without using electric current as usual.
The following is the procedure for installing a home electrical installation on a basic basis.

1. Understand the house plan

The initial principle in preparing electrical installations is that we need to know the house plan. Knowing the house plan here is not in the sense of understanding the interior and exterior design. But to know the ins and outs of the place or possibility where to install the Electric Meter MCB fuse box or box, the location of the lamp placement, the location of the switch and the location of the socket (SC). From here we will get an overview of the electrical installation channels that will be made. This aims to minimize the possibility of errors that will occur when installing electrical installations, and it will not waste too much time to repair the installation channel errors.

Dangers of Houses Near the Electric Substation is very risky to be exposed to electricity. To be more secure, if you want to build a new house, it's better not to be close to an electrical substation. Houses that are close to the electrical substation will be very vulnerable and easily exposed to dangerous electrical currents.

2. Prepare installation equipment

How to install kWh Meter is by installing or repairing electrical installations, of course we will work using tools to help facilitate our work in preparing electrical installations. Maybe among these equipment will often be used in the future, therefore, buy or prepare equipment that can also be used repeatedly or equipment that is not easily damaged. Good equipment, of course it might be more expensive than ordinary equipment. But this is better, because in addition to maintaining security, generally more expensive equipment has a better level of security. So that our security can also be more assured.

How to Connect the Power Cord requires some equipment that can help us to install electricity, including a screwdriver, several types of pliers, razor blades or knives, small scissors, hacksaw, tape rollers, to betel and hammer. We should also prepare a test pen. This tool is very useful in testing installed installation equipment, or when repairing electrical installations. For security, we should also prepare gloves.

3. Choose a security

In installing an electrical installation, we need to put safety. Self-protection can be either fuse or MCB. Each of these tools also has its own box, fuse box or MCB box. Fuses and MCBs (circuit breakers) have the function of securing electric current when it is not safe. Generally fuses work faster to disconnect electricity in the event of an unsafe electrical wave. But unfortunately, because the way the fuse works is by melting pieces of metal in it so that it can break electricity, causing the fuse to only be used once. If the metal in the fuse has been disconnected, it must be replaced with a new fuse. Maybe this can make a bit more wasteful.

4. Prepare NYM cable and BC cable

The cable used next is NYM cable 3 × 4 mm2 and cable BC 6 mm2. NYM cable itself serves to connect KWH meters (electricity sources). Generally, people do not place safety boxes and electricity sources far apart. This is likely due to the expensive cable prices. In addition to the NYM cable there is also a BC cable. This cable functions to connect the power source to the ground rod. Between the power source and the ground rod itself is also usually placed close together. The possibility is also due to the expensive cable prices.

5. Understand the color of cables in electrical installations

Knowing How to Connect Power Cables with a variety of color cables is very helpful in the process of electrical installation. This aims to reduce the possibility of wiring errors in How to Install the Power Cable. Maybe this is actually up to us. But the purpose of understanding and homogenizing cable installation is according to color so that for the installation owner, the matter becomes a general benchmark. So if after we install an electrical installation with the recommended colors, then when someone else happens to make improvements to the installation, he will also easily understand the pair of cables.
In general, black cables are phase (strum) cables. The yellow cable is like a cable or ground for ground wire. While the blue cable is a neutral cable. In addition we also put another cable that aims to connect the switch to the lamp, for example, we use the red wire. After that, we also calculate how long the cable needs to be prepared. We also calculate the length of the cable that will be used in the lamp fittings as well as the cable that will be used on the switch and socket (SC). In the main line of electrical installations, we set up 3 cables, including phase (strum) cable, neutral cable, and ground cable. Usually some houses only use phase cables and neutral cables. However, adding a grounded cable can make electrical current safer, especially with electronics that can cause induced currents.

6. Preparing conduit pipes

Conduit pipes are pipes used to protect cables used in installing electrical installations. It aims to keep ourselves what if there is something like an accident that can make the cable wrapping damaged so that the chance of a short circuit occurs. This pipe also protects the cable from damage to destructive animals such as mice. In addition, this pipeline is very helpful for us in seeing the installation path and protecting ourselves against work accidents.

7. Installation wiring

This is the most important part. Understanding in installing cables here is very important. In addition to protecting personal safety in installing installations, understanding the installation of How to Install a Light Switch also helps us in connecting the installation of the cables that will be installed so as not to occur in error or short circuit. If we are hesitant or confused, then we should ask people who are more skilled or smart to assist us. Start by installing simple installations. For example, we want to connect the switch by connecting the cable to the phase and the cable to the lamp. The cable to the lamp is then connected to the lamp fittings. Other foot fittings are connected to a ground wire or neutral cable. So when the switch is turned on, the voltage from the phase will go to the lamp, so the light will turn on. Tips for Choosing a Home Lamp are very important to note. Each lamp has a range of volt power that is suitable for use.

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