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Selection, Use,Care and Improvement Of Household Electrical Equipments

In everyday life, electricity has an important role to support various activities of human life.

Various electrical equipment, requiring electrical energy to operate it or electrical equipment can be operated if electricity is available as a driving source / operating source.

Almost all activities of household life, can be fulfilled because of the electrical equipment, for example: for lighting, cooling water, making ice cubes, preserving food / vegetables, ironing (clothes) / cloth, washing clothes / cloth, cooking, baking , pumping water, processing spices, heating water, drying hair, cooking, cooling or heating the room, mopping up vacuuming, massaging and many other activities supported by electrical equipment.

If the above examples are more to meet physical needs or physical needs, psychic needs can also be supported and fulfilled by the existence of electrical equipment, for example: listening to music, radio / tape, recorder / compack disk, viewing movies and music on television or VCD, obtaining various information through television or the internet, business transactions via the internet and so on.

As users of household electrical appliances, have we (especially mothers) understood about:

1. How can these electric appliances work and how do they work.

2. What are the types of household electrical appliances.

3. How to choose good household electrical appliances.

4. How to use it, or how to operate it.

5. How to care for and repair it.

To choose household electrical appliances, can be analogous or likened to if we choose a mate, which is to consider: seeds, bebet, tripe and weights.
- We do this, because we will use the household electrical appliances to support the activities of our lives.
- So the household electrical appliances must be easy to operate, not fussy (difficult to operate, often experience interference and easily damaged), efficient use of electrical power, stubborn (not quickly damaged), if there is damage easily in repair and beautiful / beautiful appearance .
- Consideration of choosing household electric appliances:

1. Brand image, which is the assumption of the wider community towards a particular product / brand, so that the tool is widely used by the public.
2. Quality and excellence are good quality, low electrical power, there is a clear catalog on the electric appliance and a guarantee.
3. Price, ie must have a reasonable price (not expensive and not cheap), or the price is balanced with quality, excellence, ease of operation, economical electricity, life span, and easy maintenance / repair.
4. Life (like time), namely the tools that we buy must be able to be used for a long time or long life.
5. Warranty and service of sales sales, that is, the goods we buy must be in a mess (there is a guarantee), a wide network of maintenance / repairs and easy maintenance / repair services.
6. Model and beauty (aesthetics), which is a consideration in terms of physical beauty.
7. Other considerations, namely our loyalty to certain goods, limited choices, ease of operation, our habits to use certain brands and prestige or prestige issues.


- The main consideration in using in using household electrical appliances, is from the triangle of usefulness or functional aspects and consideration of the level of need (priority scale).
- Another consideration that must be considered is the ability of electric power in the electrical equipment that we use, must be adjusted to the amount of electricity available.
- The greater the electrical power available, the more electrical devices we can use.
- Electric appliances must be used proportionally, for example:

1. The use of television must adjust between the size of the room and the size of the television, so that we can see safely and comfortably as needed.

2. The use and regulation of the AC temperature must be as needed so it is not redundant (there is no waste or things that are useless).

3. Use iron with heat settings.

4. Use power tools properly and correctly according to their functions, for example: do not enter fresh boiling water into the refrigerator, put too much clothes into the machine, fill too many refrigerators, and so on.

5. Use electric tools only when needed.

6. And there are many other examples that we can find in our daily lives.

- For the sake of safety and comfort, make sure that the electrical equipment that we are going to use is in good condition and not damaged, for example: there is a cable that is peeled off, on the iron / steel section containing electric current, and others.
- For certain tools (for example: iron, hair dryer, blender, rice cooker. Majic jar, electric stove, oven, micro wave and the like), if not in use, you should remove it from the socket. This is to avoid the possibility of being used by children.
- If you leave your house empty for a long time, do not use electrical equipment, except for certain lighting.

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