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3 Ways to Fix Internal Hard Drive Unread easily

Hard disk is one of the important components in a computer. Called important because the function of the hard disk on a computer is where files are stored on the computer. Without a hard drive, we will have difficulty when storing files that we have created or save important data on the computer.
Damage is common in internal hard disks, usually due to physical damage, a bad sector, and a crash on the file.

The cause of hard disk damage, occurs because it has experienced a fall or slamming either intentionally or unintentionally, the slot on the SS is damaged due to frequent open pulling by force, the USB port is rusty or damaged, and the trigger IC is no longer functioning.

While the hard disk damage caused by a crash file, it can happen because when copying and pasting the data file, the hard disk has been removed, or when installing a hard disk application has a problem causing damage to the Internal Hard Disk.

For the characteristics of hard disks damaged due to bad sectors, the type is divided into two:

  1. Physical Bad Sector, this happens because physically some parts of the hard disk are damaged. Damage can occur due to dust or other foreign objects that can cause the hard disk to be physically damaged. To fix it is to replace the damaged part with a new item.
  2. Soft Bad Sector, in contrast to physical, damage in this section occurs because the damage is not due to foreign objects but on the ECC (error correcting code). to fix this is to use certain software that handles hard disks.
Now that we know the cause, we will now learn how to fix it. Basically, this problem of how to deal with it is not much different from how to repair an external hard drive. Here are 3 ways to fix an internal hard drive that isn't easily read.

Fix Internal Hard Drive Using Check Disk

Need to know! To use the Check Disk method, it is better to connect the hard drive as an external drive to a normal computer.
Next follow the next steps:
  1. Usually a notification will appear with a dialog box containing the contents of your drive. If a notification like that appears, click "NO. Do not click "YES" because all data contained in the Internal Hard drive will be deleted entirely
  2. Click "Start" then select "My Computer"
  3. After that, the hard disk that you have popped up will appear earlier
  4. Then right click and click "Properties"
  5. A windows page will appear that displays the properties page, then click the "Tools" tab.
  6. After that, select "Check Now" under "Error Checking" to check for errors that occur on your hard disk.
  7. Then Check the pop-up windows that contain the question whether you want Windows to correct the errors found.
  8. then check also the box whose contents "Scan for and attempts of recovery of bad sectors". Then click "Start". If Windows tells you if the hard drive is unreadable and needs to be formatted, just click "NO".
  9. If the methods mentioned above still fail, then try using the command prompt. The trick, click "Start-> Run-> CMD" or also by clicking "Start-> type in the search box-> CMD"
  10. After the command prompt appears, type the name of the damaged drive by adding a colon. For example, if the damaged hard drive is on the G drive, then type "F" and Enter. If the hard drive is damaged, a warning will appear with the words "The System Cannot Find The Drive Specified".
  11. After that, at the command prompt type "chkdsk". Then wait a few moments until the error detection process is complete. For fast or not the detection process depends on the amount of data stored on the hard disk. If an error is found, Windows will offer the option to fix it. When such a notification appears, select "Yes".
After all stages are completed, the Internal Hard Drive can be used again.

Fix Internal Hard Drive With Update Driver

The second way is to update the hard disk driver. Driver updates are also important in the function and mechanism of the hardware performance. The stages can be seen as follows:
  1. First enter the "Device Manager".
  2. How to click "Start" then highlight the cursor in the "Computer" section
  3. After that right click and select "Properties"
  4. After the properties page appears, click "Device Manager"
  5. If you have entered the Device manager page, see the "Disk Drive" section then click.
  6. After clicking, two hard disks will appear. First is what the computer uses and the other is an external hard drive.
  7. Right-click on an external hard drive and select "Uninstall"
  8. When it's uninstalled, unplug the hard drive and then plug it back into the computer.
  9. Wait until the driver reading process by default is complete
  10. After that, click Update Driver instead of Uninstall.
After following this stage, your hard disk has been updated and can be used again.

Fix Internal Hard Drive Use Spinrite Software

Actually there is one more way to fix an unreadable internal hard disk, which is using a software called Spinrite, how to use this application is as follows:

  1. Please first install the Spin application to the computer
  2. Once installed, select "Create ISO or Image File". Need to remember. This menu is only for those who want to use a CD to repair the hard drive. Therefore you also have to prepare a CD first.
  3. After the ISO file is finished, please burn to CD using burning applications such as Nero, Daemon tools, or similar applications.
  4. If you want to use a flash, select "Install Spinrite on Drive".
  5. After that, hold the letter key on the keyboard that matches the flash drive letter letter. So, if the flash drive letter is "F", then hold the letter "F" on the keyboard.
  6. Then, press install Bootable Spinrite and wait until the process is complete
  7. After that your computer restrat.
  8. Then, enter the BIOS page first. How to enter the BIOS in general is to press the "Delete / DEL" button.
  9. After entering the BIOS page, select the boot menu then go to the "Boot Deces" menu and adjust it to the tool you were using earlier. If using a CD, insert it into the CD-ROM. If you use a flashdisk, please select the USB drive.
  10. If you use a flashdisk, select the Priority Hard disk menu, which is located under the Boot Device.
  11. If so, go directly to "Exit Bios & Saving" or press "F10" and select "Yes" to save.
After the boot process returns, the internal hard disk will return to normal.

That's 3 ways to fix an internal hard drive that isn't easily read. Hopefully this article is useful for you all.

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