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How to repair a damaged hard drive

Hard drives don't always work well, sometimes they work very slowly, illegible, slow to save, fail control, unbootable, and various other problems.

But do not worry, you can practice how to repair damaged hard drives in this article.

The existence of a computer or laptop will not mean if there is no device called a hard drive.

This is because, the important role of the hard drive which is the center of data and information storage for a computer or laptop-based device.

It is our duty to take care of the hard drive as best we can, if it is not maintained, it will usually affect the performance of computers, and laptops that become slow.

We can also anticipate damage to the hard drive, we should first identify the causes of the damage that occurs so that we can extend the life of the hard drive.

Cause of Hard Drive Damaged

1. Hard drive damaged because of overheating

All electronic devices, of course, use electricity as the main source of power to operate, electric power is flowed to the metal components contained in the electronic device.

It was considered very effective, but the side effects that would be experienced by the metal was the change of electrical energy to heat energy (heat).

All electronic devices, of course, use electricity as the main source of power to operate, electric power is flowed to the metal components contained in the electronic device.

It was considered very effective, but the side effects that would be experienced by the metal was the change of electrical energy to heat energy (heat).

The heat in electronic devices can cause a decrease in performance, even can damage the components inside, therefore some electronic devices such as projectors and desktop PCs use fans (cooling pads) to help stabilize the temperature inside.

2. Hard drive damaged due to excessive use

Computers and laptops that are used continuously and in a long time, will impact on the components contained therein to be easily damaged.

Including the hard drive, every electronic device requires at least a 'break' to cool the temperature.

3. Hard drive is damaged due to a fall or collision

As the name suggests, a hard drive is a device whose main components are 'disk'.

The position of the disc is very sensitive, if it is dropped or bumped, there is a big possibility that there will be damage to the disc inside and eventually the hard disk becomes damaged, therefore the hard drive should be handled very carefully.

4. Hard drive damaged because the hard disk age is long

Every object must have an obsolete period, the hard disk is no exception, when the computer is deemed often experiencing hang, slow or lag, and re-installing the operating system can not solve the problem, then consider replacing a new hard drive.

5. Hard drive damaged due to unstable electricity supply

Unstable power supply will affect the ability of the hard disk rotation, because the discs in the hard drive are rotating at an unstable speed.

In some cases, bad sectors occur because electricity supply is not stable.

6. Hard drive damaged because computers often die instantly

When the computer or laptop hangs (not responding), the user will usually turn off the device by pressing the power button and holding it for a long time until the laptop turns off, so it can be said force shutdown.

When the computer and laptop die instantly, the disk in the hard disk that was spinning very fast up to 10,000 revolutions per minute, suddenly stopped and of course if it happens up to many times it will potentially damage the hard drive.

7. Hard drive damaged because of excessive installation

The installation in question is the installation of software or operating system, when the installation process is carried out, the hard drive will work very hard.

What's more, if a computer or laptop is used to run software that requires large resources.

Most likely the hard drive will heat up quickly and may potentially experience damage.

How to repair a damaged hard drive

How to Fix Bad Sector Hard Drive

Overcoming bad sector hard drives is easy and difficult, the problems faced are also different, bad sector hard disk damage is separated into two parts, namely bad sector logic and physical bad sector.

Bad sector logic

Things that might be fixed by software, because the damage is caused by errors in the system partition due to usage or because of viruses.

Physical Bad Sector

Damage to the hard drive that is too fatal, due to the disk from the hard disk and the components contained in the hard disk are damaged or defective. It is recommended to replace the new hard drive, or be taken to the hard drive service.

Steps - steps to repair bad sector hard disk

Damage that often occurs due to data storage disks on the hard disk is very vulnerable to damage, plus the care that is not paid attention to.
To find out the difference between logic and physical bad sectors, we can try to overcome the bad sector logic first by formatting the hard drive using low level format software.

Serves to restore the hard sectors like new and delete the chaotic system partition.

There are several things that we must prepare in advance:
  1. First prepare the PC.
  2. Install the damaged hard drive on the PC, so 2 hard drives installed on 1 PC.
  3. After that, download the software to repair the hard drive here.
  4. Select 'Download Windows Installer'.
  5. then install the software.
  6. Now open the low level format software, then select the name of the hard drive to format.
  7. Click continue then select Low Level Format and click Format This Device.
  8. Wait until the process is complete, the length of time depends on the specifications of the computer being used.
  9. If it is finished, it is required to create a new partition, because the hard drive becomes without partition again like when we first bought the hard drive.

How to Overcome Unreadable Hard Drive

If the hard drive is unreadable, we can check the ata or sata connector, is it still good or worn, then check the ata and sata socket on the hard drive and power supply connector.

Usually if the hard drive is unreadable, there are problems with the installation being too loose or due to wobble which makes the cable not connected properly.

It is also possible that the socket has been damaged, as a result the hard drive is not detected in the bios.

How to Take Care of a Hard Drive

How to care for a good hard drive and right:

  1. Never turn off your computer suddenly, unless you have to.
  2. Avoid sudden power outages.
  3. do defrag on each partition, once every 1 or 2 months.
  4. Do not have too many applications installed, which will impact the hard disk load.
  5. Do not fill the hard drive to 'full space', try to still remaining space on the hard drive.
  6. Avoid falling hard drive, rocking or exposed to water.

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