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Full Profile and Biodata of Alip Ba Ta, Indonesian Youtuber Guitar Fingerstyle

Alip Ba Ta is an Indonesian inspirational YouTuber whose real name is Alief Gustakhiyat. This man born in Ponorogo has the simplicity of being a YouTuber.

In fact, he is often in the spotlight because his fingerstyle guitar playing video is popular on Youtube. Even now he is very popular on YouTube by being able to earn an income of Rp. 8.8 billion for one year from his various YouTube content.

Currently his YouTube account, Alip_Ba_Ta has 5.2 million followers. Each of the videos he uploads has been watched by an average of millions of viewers.

Full Profile and Biodata of Alip Ba Ta, Indonesian Youtuber Guitar Fingerstyle

Alip Ba Ta Profile

Full Name: Alief Gustakhiyat
Stage Name: Alip Ba Ta
Birth Year: 1989
Occupation: Contractor Employee and YouTuber
Place of residence: Cakung, East Jakarta 

Alip Ba Ta's Career Journey

Alip Ba Ta is one of the workers in a company, he fills his spare time by playing guitar in his daily life. He has talent in the field of music with extraordinary skills.

Gradually, he uploaded his first video content through his acoustic guitar on his youtube channel. He only just uploads it on YouTube and over time it has an increase in views. The figure of Alip Ba Ta is getting more and more famous by many people, but he does not introduce it to everyone.

Since then, Alip Ba Ta's career has continued in the youtube world. But he never targeted having to create content as expected by his fans. Even though something went viral, he wasn't interested in covering the song if he didn't like it.

Often Get Compliments

Alip Ba Ta's expertise in playing his guitar often gets praise from various circles. In fact, Alip Ba Ta's game has been praised by the world's top musicians. Brian May, guitarist for the legendary band Queen, once uploaded a video of Alip Ba Ta covering the song Bohemian Rhapsody on his Facebook account. In addition, a video of Alief playing the song Love of My Life has also been uploaded to Queen's official Facebook account.

Another world musician who was also impressed by Alip's playing was Synyster Gates. The guitarist for the band Avenged Sevenfold uploaded Alip's action on his Instagram Stories, complete with words of praise. In addition, Alip has also received praise from other foreign guitarists, such as Alexandr Misko, Fun Two, and Igor Presnyakov.

Reject American Producer

Quoted from Inews, Alip Ba Ta is known to have rejected an offer from an American producer who wanted to bring him to Miami to perform. Even though not all great musicians even get that opportunity.

Previously, Ali had also rejected the offer of musician Erdian Aji Prihantoro, also known as Anji, to collaborate. Even though Anji has already prepared a concept and schedule for Alip. Musician Dewa Budjana also admits that the man from Ponorogo is indeed active in the Youtube world, not expecting money, but to channel his talents. 

The following is a list of songs that have been played by Alip Ba Ta

Bintang Kecil (Fingerstyle Cover)
Sinau Bareng Instrumen Lagu Ibu Pertiwi
Ibu Pertiwi (Instrumen Solo Guitar)
Ngopi Pagi
Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan
Munajatku - Alip_Ba_Ta X Tomy Violin II Take From Home
My Heart Will Go On - OST. Titanic - Alip_Ba_Ta
Kidung Wahyu Kolosebo - Alip Ba Ta X Bram A Nugroho II Take From Home
Balinese (Instrumen Solo Guitar)
Kupu - Kupu / Melly G (Instrumen Solo Guitar Cover)
Klise (Instrumen Solo Guitar)
Review Dinamo Gesek
Bedah Arransement Gitar (Goosebumps Theme Song)
Goosebumps theme song (cover gitar)
Apuse (Lagu Daerah Papua) - fingerstyle COVER
Kiss The Rain (Yiruma) - COVER gitar
The Last of The Mohicans (main title) - guitar COVER
Cintaku Padamu - Ita Purnamasari (COVER gitar)
RHCP - Californication (COVER gitar)
Gerimis Mengundang - Slam (COVER gitar)
Tanah Airku - cipt. Ibu Sud (COVER)
Forever and One - Helloween (COVER fingerstyle gitar)
Bon Jovi - Thank You For Loving Me - (COVER gitar)
Sebujur Bangkai - Rhoma Irama (COVER gitar)
Syukur (cipt. H. Mutahar) - COVER gitar
Ismail Marzuki - Selamat Lebaran (COVER gitar)
Dewa19 - Cinta Kan Membawamu (COVER gitar)
Dream Theater - Another Day (COVER gitar)
Kasih Ibu (cipt. SM Mochtar) - Fingerstyle cover
Buried Alive - Avenged Sevenfold (COVER fingerstyle)
Klise (original)
Ora Biso Mulih - Didi Kempot (COVER gitar)
ironik (original)
gedabrul (blues)
DIY : Membuat Slider Gitar
Scorpions - You and I (COVER gitar)
Air Supply - Good Bye (COVER gitar)
Gambang Suling - Ki Narto Sabdo (fingerstyle COVER)
Ada Band - Karena Wanita Ingin Dimengerti (fingerstyle COVER)
Tutorial Membunyikan Gitar Dengan Digesek
InsyaAllah - Maher Zain (cover fingerstyle)
Rumah Kita - God Bless (Cover)
Layang Kangen - Didi Kempot (Cover Fingerstyle)
Nina Bobo' (guitar cover)
Elkasih - Kau Tigakan Cintaku (COVER fingerstyle)
Potong Bebek Angsa (fingerstyle cover)
Review Alat Rekaman
Europe - Carrie (fingerstyle cover)
Tony Braxton - Unbreak My Heart (fingerstyle cover)
Kiss From a Rose - SEAL (fingerstyle cover)
Sheila On 7 - Sebuah Kisah Klasik (fingerstyle cover)
Keane - Everybody's Changing (fingerstyle cover)
Dealova - Once (fingerstyle cover)
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns n' Roses (fingerstyle cover)
Bumiku Tak Lagi Ramah (original)
Jenifer Lopez - On The Floor (fingerstyle cover)
Killing Me Softly - Roberta Flack (fingerstyle cover)
ST12 - Saat Terakhir (fingerstyle cover)
Numb - Linkin Park (fingerstyle cover)
Jingle Bell Rock - fingerstyle cover
If You're Not The One - Daniel Bedingfield (fingerstyle cover)
Kalung Emas - Didi Kempot (fingerstyle cover)
Munajatku - (original)
Sadness and Sorrow - Ost Naruto (guitar cover)
Kal Ho Na Ho - Sonu Nigham (Bollywood song) (fingerstyle cover)
Caka 1922 - Dewa Budjana (cover)
The Godfather theme song (fingerstyle cover)
My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion (fingerstyle cover)
Boomerang - Bungaku (cover) / alip ba ta
Hide and Seek / ding dong (fingerstyle cover)
Bon Jovi - It's My Life (fingerstyle cover) - alip ba ta
Arijit Singh - Tum Hi Ho (fingerstyle cover)
Vertical Horizon - Best I've Ever had (fingerstyle cover)
Sempurna - Andra N' The Backbone (fingerstyle cover)
Leaving On a Jet Plane - John Denver (fingerstyle cover)
campursari Nyidam Sari, cipt. Anjar any (fingerstyle cover)
Farid Hardja - Ini Rindu (fingerstyle cover)
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (fingerstyle cover)
Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (fingerstyle cover)
Extreme - More Than Words (fingerstyle cover)
Yiruma - River flows in You (guitar cover)
Ahmad Dhani & Andra Ramadhan - Kuldesak (fingerstyle cover)
Patience - Guns n Roses (fingerstyle cover)
INDONESIA PUSAKA cipt. Ismail Marzuki.// (fingerstyle cover)
Suwe Ora Jamu (fingerstyle cover)
Lily - Alan Walker (fingerstyle cover)
Slank - Anyer 10 Maret (fingerstyle cover)
Shallow - fingerstyle cover (original song by Bradley Cooper feat Lady Gaga)
Here for You (Firehouse) - guitar solo cover
You're All I Need (cover) - original song by White Lion
We Are the Champions (Queen) - fingerstyle cover
Aku milikmu - Dewa 19 (akustik cover)
Once - Aku Mau (gitar cover)
Cinta Mati - Ahmad Dhani feat Agnes Monica (solo gitar cover)
QUEEN - Love of My Life (guitar solo cover)
wali - yank (fingerstyle cover)
TOHPATI - Selaras (cover)
dewa 19 - pupus (gitar instrumental cover)
Fingerstyle Balinese (original)
DORAEMON theme song (guitar accoustic solo cover?
SUPER MARIO BROS Theme Song (guitar accoustic by Alip)
Tanah Airku (Ibu Sud) - fingerstyle keroncong (cover)
Tetty Kadi - Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan (guitar solo cover)

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