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What are the functions and how to choose from a universal TV remote?

Televisions are one of the electronic objects that almost exist in every house. Watching television together is one way to familiarize yourself with your family. However, often watching television is interrupted, due to damaged or missing remote controls. It is possible to change channels manually by pressing the button on the television plane. However, it is not effective. Therefore, a replacement remote is required as a remote control tool.

Buying the same remote as a television seems difficult. Not all manufacturers produce and remote devices only. Some manufacturers make universal remote controls, which can be used for various television brands. We will guide how to choose a universal TV remote and provide the 10 universal remote recommendations you need. 

What are the functions and how to choose from a universal TV remote


What does a universal TV remote do?

When purchasing a new remote control for your TV you will be given three types of options, namely "learning remote control", "smart remote control", and "universal remote control". Often buyers are confused as to what sets the three apart. Before knowing how to choose, let's first understand what the function of a universal TV remote control is.

Remote control that can be used for TVs from various brands

Usually a remote control is available one package with a television. But often the TV remote is lost or damaged. It doesn't seem like an easy thing to get the same type of remote as the TV brand.

The remote is a TV accessory that each manufacturer has made with different models and types. That's why not all TV remotes can be used for different brands, although the function is the same as remote control. There are several manufacturers that make universal remote controls that can be used by various brands. You can use it if your original remote control is lost or damaged.

Easy-to-set universal TV remote

Usually the TV remote can be used for other brands, but must make button settings first. Of course this will be very difficult for those who are not familiar with the technology because the arrangement is quite complicated. But for a universal TV remote the settings are easier. You just enter the manufacturer's number and you can operate it right away.

Universal TV remote is easy to operate

The universal TV remote is relatively easy to use when compared to the new remote control type. This remote control called the "smart remote control" must adjust the operation buttons with channel settings one by one. In addition, the "smart" remote can also operate other equipment such as AV, air conditioning, and lights at the same time. There is even a "smart remote control" can also operate a smartphone using Wi-Fi. But this is very impractical, as it has to adapt to other devices.

Suitable for those of you who only watch TV

The new type of TV has several features, as does the original remote control which has various operation buttons. Usually the original remote control tends to be difficult to operate. It is also the same with a universal remote control that is easier to operate. But some buttons don't work as well as the original remote control. The easy operation of a universal TV remote will greatly help parents and children or those who only watch TV.


How to choose a universal TV remote

In addition to its easy operation, the universal remote control can be used by anyone and the price is also cheap. There are many brands on offer, here's a guide to how to choose them.

Check if it is compatible with the TV brand

Not all TV brands are compatible with universal remote controls. That's why check in advance whether your TV brand is compatible or not. Usually the list of TV brands compatible with the TV remote is contained in the manual or remote usage manual.
For TV brands from domestic manufacturers usually do not run into problems and are compatible with universal TV remotes. But if your TV brand is not manufactured domestically, you need to be more thorough and careful in choosing a universal remote control.

Check universal remote compatibility with tv manufacturing year

The signal contained on the universal remote may be different from the year of television creation. That's why you have to make sure in advance the year of television making, which is usually contained in the manual of use. Then adjust the manufacturing year with a compatible universal remote. If you can't find a universal remote that corresponds to the year the television was made, you can select a remote control that uses setup.

Check the usability of the button before purchasing

The universal remote control operation button is usually simpler than the original remote control from the TV manufacturer. You make sure that the function of the keys contained in the universal remote control is in accordance with your wishes. Remote control is used when you want to seek entertainment of course if the operation is complicated, will make you uncomfortable.

Choose a full-featured remote for AV services

Currently the tv contrrol remote also has a button to operate AV equipment. If you need you also choose whether the universal remote control can also be used to operate AV equipment. But if you can't, it doesn't seem to matter either.

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