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7 Ways to Fix the Most Effective Laptop Keyboard

One of the most boring things for laptop users is if there are parts of the keyboard that don't work properly. Of course, this problem will hamper your work and quite frustrating.
Taken from several sources, if there are a number of keyboard keys on a laptop that don't work, it could be due to a software or hardware problem.
Then what should you do next? Here you will be told how to fix laptop keyboards properly.

How to fix a non-functioning, less responsive or damaged laptop keyboard

However the laptop keyboard is one of the hardware that has a very important role. But because it is often used, the keyboard is one of the most easily damaged parts of a laptop.
In this tutorial, we will discuss solutions to fix a keyboard that is not functioning, not responsive or damaged.

There are many causes for your keyboard not to work, let's discuss the easiest.

1. Ensure Keyboard Damage

There are two things that can cause a laptop keyboard to not function, either because of the hardware or because of the software.

How to check it? Try to access your laptop's BIOS. If you can enter and use your keyboard, then most likely there is damage to the software. Read also: How to fix laptop screen.

2. Clean the laptop keyboard from dust

If there are some keys on your laptop keyboard that don't work, while the other keys are fine, there is a chance your keyboard is blocked by dust that has accumulated.

To clean dust effectively, the easiest thing you can do is to tilt your laptop at a 75 degree angle and shake your laptop to clean the dust.

Make sure your laptop has been deactivated, you can tilt it to an angle of 90 degrees if needed.

After that, clean the bottom and top of the keyboard again with masking tape. Then check all the buttons, whether it is working or not.

3. Restart the Laptop

If suddenly the entire keyboard does not respond, maybe the problem is in the software / driver. Try restarting your laptop, maybe this is enough to fix it.

If you cannot restart from the start menu, hold the power button for 5 seconds (maximum 15 seconds) and the laptop will restart.

4. Repair laptop keyboard with Windows Restore

If your keyboard stops working after installing every new application or changing settings, then try restoring your Windows. Most likely this will solve the problem. To restore the system, here's how:
  • Click the Start menu, from there, click Control Panel.

Ways to Fix the Most Effective Laptop Keyboard

  • Now, highlight the System and Security menu option then select Back up your computer.

Ways to Fix the Most Effective Laptop Keyboard
  •  On the next page, click Recover system settings or your computer.

Ways to Fix the Most Effective Laptop Keyboard

  • Then click Open System Restore.

From here, just follow the simple Wizard to restore your Windows. The laptop will reboot.

If it is a system problem, the keyboard should be cured and can be used.

5. Repair the Laptop Keyboard by Fixing the Keyboard Driver

Keyboard problems that do not work, can also be because your keyboard driver is not up-to-date or there are destructive applications that cause the keyboard to be less responsive.

You can check and verify whether your keyboard driver is working properly or not from the Device manager. Here's how:
  • Click the Start menu and select Control Panel.

Ways to Fix the Most Effective Laptop Keyboard

  • In Control Panel, click System and Security and select Device manager.

Ways to Fix the Most Effective Laptop Keyboard

  • In Device Manager, you will find drivers for all the hardware that is in the laptop.

  • Select the keyboard and you will find the driver menu options below.

If you have a yellow triangle on it with an exclamation mark in it, that means there is a problem.

You should update your keyboard driver by downloading it on the official website of your laptop manufacturer. Then find the latest driver that is suitable for your device, download and install.

6. Bring to the Official Service Center

If all of the above does not work, chances are it is due to a hardware problem. You should check with an authorized service center if your laptop is still under warranty.

If it is no guarantee, you can ask the help of a computer technician that you trust. Usually the problem is with small wires, such as broken ribbon cables and can be easily fixed.

If it turns out the problem is bigger and the cost of repairs is expensive. So, you must think carefully to repair or buy a new device.
Ways to Fix the Most Effective Laptop Keyboard

If your laptop keyboard is partially damaged, while the above method does not work and has not had time to go to the service center because there is no time or cost, the solution is you can use an external USB keyboard for typing.

There are many external keyboard with an attractive design, though it's a bit of a hassle. In addition, if in an emergency, you can also use a virtual keyboard.

Click on the Start menu> All Programs> Accessories> Ease of Access> On-Screen Keyboard.

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