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14 Effective Ways to Repel Flies At Home

Flies are annoying insects, especially if they appear when we want to eat. Moreover, when eating or cooking foods that cause strong aroma, these types of insects will appear flying inside the house, especially near the family meal.

flies are identical to animals that carry disease, because of their habit of living in a dirty place. When flies sit on food, it is feared that the insect will spread the disease virus to the food provided. Flies are known as animals that carry diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea and millions of other germs in their bodies.

The presence of flies is not a marker of criteria for a healthy home. Even though you are upset with the invasion of flies that attack food in the house, there is no need to worry because there will always be a way to overcome this, both using electronic devices, chemicals to various natural ingredients that are safe for the environment.

Effective Ways to Repel Flies At Home

Here are 14 Effective ways to repel flies at home so that the flies don't come back again.

1. Repel Flies At Home Using trap lights

One way to get rid of flies using electronic devices is to use a trap light to catch large flies. The fly will be attracted to the light coming out of the trap which will then make the fly trapped and sting the electricity in it. This trap is powerful enough to repel flies and won't make your house dirty or messy.

2. Repel Flies At Home Using an electric racket

The second electronic device is to use an electric racket that is cleaner than using an ordinary fly swatter that makes it dirty because the fly carcasses are scattered. Charging electric racket is also easy, which is enough to charge for several hours or just use the battery.

This racket can kill flies and other insects instantly because of its ability to emit electric current. Although the electric shock released is not harmful to humans, it is better to keep it out of reach of small children.

3. Repel Flies At Home Using paper glue

The third and not the hardest way to find one that you can use as a solution is to use paper glue. This paper glue is very strong to catch flies trapped in it. The trick is to hang glue in a place where many flies appear, on a table or floor by putting a little food on glue paper as an angler to get it into the glue.

4. Repel Flies At Home Using insecticides

Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers so it is relatively safe to use. The way to use it is to spray it on the entrance so it prevents flies from entering the house. Or you can spray it directly on the fly so that the fly can die immediately. However, do not spray pyrethrin around food, although it is relatively safe but will remain dangerous for humans and other animals if inhaled or swallowed in large quantities.

5. Repel Flies At Home with Attach insect wire to the vents or windows

Flies, mosquitoes or other insects usually enter through ventilation holes or through windows. To prevent this, it is better to install this wire in ventilation holes or windows. The use of wire will not inhibit the circulation of air entering the house, but can prevent the fly from entering because it cannot pass through the hole in the wire.

6. Repel Flies At Home Using candles

Flies are one of the insects that are afraid of fire. Many eating places usually light candles on the dining table. The most effective natural way of killing fly can also be used at home. By lighting a candle, it is possible that the flies will fly away and dare not land or enter the house. Dislike of flies against candles due to flies scent that are removed from the burned candle.

7. Repel Flies At Home Using vinegar

Vinegar ingredients are very easy to find, both in the kitchen for cooking or can be purchased at the nearest shops. The way to get rid of flies using vinegar is also quite easy. Put vinegar into a glass or bottle where the hole is large enough for the fly to enter as much as half the container from the place.

Then cover the glass or bottle with plastic that is glued to the rubber band. Give a hole to the plastic so that the fly can enter. This is because the flies will be attracted to the smell of vinegar, when the flies enter the glass or bottle, they cannot come out again. This method is quite effective to use because these ingredients are easily found.

8. Repel Flies At Home Use dishwashing soap

If the first method feels less successful, then you can use the next method. That is by mixing vinegar and three drops of washing soap into a bowl and leave it open. Flies will be attracted to the aroma of vinegar and washing soap will cause the fly to sink into the bowl.

9. Repel Flies At Home Using orange peel

Orange peel has a strong aroma that flies don't like. After eating oranges, it's good that you don't throw away the skin, but put it in the corners of the kitchen or a room that has lots of flies. The aroma of oranges is able to repel flies and at the same time effective in repelling mosquitoes.

10. Repel Flies At Home Pepper and salt

Furthermore, the way to get rid of flies during the day that fly in the house is proven effective and natural is to heat 2 cups of water mixed with pepper and salt. Then place it on a spray bottle and spray it on disturbing flies.

11.Repel Flies At Home with Plant basil leaves

Basil leaves have a distinctive aroma that can repel flies. The method is quite easy, prepare a few stems of basil leaves and put them in a vase container filled with water to keep the basil leaves fresh. In addition to repelling flies, basil leaves that you can use for cooking, can also be used as a natural air freshener.

12.Repel Flies At Home with Clove leaves

Flies are insects that do not like the natural aroma of spices. Clove leaves can be found in traditional markets. Place the clove leaves in a large area of flies or put them near the kitchen, surely the flies will go away.

13. Repel Flies At Home with Pandan leaves

Pandan leaves are also plants that emit scents that are not liked by insects. Planting pandan leaves around the yard can reduce the entry of flies into the house. For more details, you can read how to repel flies with pandan leaves.

14.Repel Flies At Home with Plant herbal plants

Planting basil, bay leaves, rosemary or lavender is not only included in insect repellent plants, but is also an unwelcome plant that is a powerful fly to repel flies from the room because of the strong odor that is released. Planting these plants and putting them in the kitchen window can repel flies. In addition, these plants can be utilized and provide a fresh aroma in the room so that no insects will be attracted to enter.

That was the way to get rid of flies during the day that flew in the house proved to be effective that could be used. In addition to the above methods, it is also a good idea to maintain the cleanliness of the house, especially the kitchen where insects, especially flies, can be prevented from entering the house. Like cleaning up leftover food waste because flies are attracted to organic materials such as food sources for nesting and breeding. Many examples of unhealthy environments and their causes can be avoided. Hopefully this article can help.

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