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CODE ERROR LG WASHING MACHINE AND THE SOLUTION -The era of the modern era today, now having a washing machine is a very reliable thing, because having a washing machine is able to help overcome the problem of dirty clothes and cloth to keep it clean and fragrant free of germs and dirt. Washing machines lighten our work so dense and facilitate the drying process, our dirty clothes and cloth can be washed and cleaned in a matter of hours or even minutes without interfering with daily activities that are so dense.

Washing machines are not considered luxury items because everyone is able to buy with the model they want to interest, from the 2 tube and 1 automatic tube models, but because the function is very important and is used almost every day making washing machines a must-have washing tool.

Having an Automatic washing machine is very helpful, just click on it ... and leave the activity or relax while watching TV finish ....

But what happens if suddenly in the middle of the washing process there is an alarm sound that may be rarely or even unheard of in the washing machine ... oh sure it's confused ...

No need to worry, let alone panic, because the automatic washing machine has a sign of error damage that we might be able to overcome by ourselves without the help of a washing machine service technician.

This time we will help you in overcoming your washing machine which has a sudden error, who knows, you can solve the problem yourself which of course without having to pay service fees, or maybe because of the washing process error.

REMEMBER.......!!!! you are not a technician, so not all you can do, please be careful, but some problems with the washing machine error can be solved without risking yourself.



IE (inlet error)

the cause of the problem of the emergence of this code is where the inlet water condition is not smooth, it could be because the water pressure is not enough, the water hose is pinched or the water filter on the selenoid water inlet is dirty. Try checking one by one at the source of the flow until the water filter.

OE (Outside Error)

cause of the emergence of code error is due to a problem with the discharge of water, check the exhaust hose whether the hose is clipped, if the hose is not problematic maybe because the dirty exhaust filter (especially the front loading type) clean. If the filter is clean, the damage to the motor drain pump may not work or be damaged. Damage can occur due to dirt or the pump is damaged.

EU (Unbalance)

This error code appears because the washing machine is rocking excessively, it could be because the feet are uneven or the washing machine is tilted. If the washing machine is in good condition, it remains an error, maybe the clothes or pants are twisted and collected. Try to level the clothes.

DE (Door Error)

apply the error code because the door on the washing machine is not tightly closed, please try to close the correct one, if the door closes are correct and the meeting still appears an error, the possibility of damage is on the door switch or door sensor in the form of a magnet attached to the door dislodged.

FE (Flooding Error)

This code appears because the incoming water pressure is too high, try to rotate the water faucet to reduce pressure. If it remains problematic, there are things that are damaged, it could be at the water level.

PE (P / switch Error)

This code emerges because the pressure switch is broken. Don't be forced to use before changing.

RE (Relay Error)

The cable or part is damaged.

E3 (Wash Error)

The laundry load is too heavy or the clothes clump to one side.

CHE (Conecting Cable Heater Error)

The loose cable or socket cable is not connected, or it could be a hieter sensor or a broken / broken hieter.

SE (Sensor Motor Error)

Replace the motor sensor or cable break.

That is the code error on LG washing machines that might help in dealing with damage to the LG brand washing machine, if you can't or can't do it try to fix it yourself, remember the damage can get worse if the damage forecast is wrong or even threaten safety you. Contact an expert technician if needed.


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